Architectural Sandblasting

Architectural Sandblasting Around Vancouver

Sandblasting is usually performed on new or old concrete to achieve a certain look or texture. Glass or other soft stone materials can be sandblasted to achieve an artistic design.

Raincoast Sandblasting in Vancouver caters primarily to the cemetery industry for final engravings on monuments on-site or in our shop. However, we have the equipment and expertise to handle all kinds of commercial, industrial, and residential projects, including:


  • Stripping paint and corrosion
  • Cleaning tools
  • Polishing and smoothing plastic and metal items
  • Creating large-scale art projects
  • Improving the appearance of concrete
  • Preparing large surfaces for painting
  • Restoring the look of brick structures
  • Eliminating mould
  • Removing oil stains
Raincoast Sandblasting, Architectural Sandblasting

Do you need to expose the aggregate in concrete? Are you looking to restore the appearance of a wood or a masonry surface? Raincoast Sandblasting is familiar with all forms of architectural sandblasting restoration. We have the tools and expertise to create a light, medium, or heavy-duty blast to achieve the desired texture and depth.

Raincoast Sandblasting provides Vancouver-area clients with surface preparation of the highest calibre. No matter the type of material, we can remove all kinds of residue. Our team will produce the exact type of finish you need for any application.

We’re mobile and ready to travel throughout the Lower Mainland for our valued clients.
Do you have a particular sandblasting project you would like to discuss? We welcome all inquiries.

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    Architectural Preparation

    We have the know-how and equipment to restore or alter the appearance of any wood, stone, brick, or concrete surface. Create the surface texture you want for a look that truly stands out.

    Final Engravings

    Are you looking to personalize a loved one’s final resting place while honouring their cultural traditions and heritage? We offer our services in various languages, including Cantonese and Mandarin.


    No matter the size and scale of the job, we ensure no detail is overlooked. Let us help you choose an appropriate cemetery marker. We provide various options for customized carving and design.


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